The Brief

As a well-known provider of wholesale furniture, the team at Shankar were in need of a comprehensive management system that could take care of all of their wholesale requirements, from initial order right through to delivery and invoicing, with various additional features included, such as warehouse and inventory management and API integration to manage their product range and stock.

Having partnered with Shankar on previous web design Birmingham projects, we were well placed to deliver the system that they needed – But to be able to provide the exact solution to their problems, we first needed to completely understand their requirements and the problems that they were facing.

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The Creative Solution

Creative Ideaz, web design company Birmingham, embarked on an in-depth discovery phase, working closely alongside Shankar to understand each step of their process. This allowed us to not only begin to plan how to develop a suitable software that could meet all of their needs but also to make recommendations on how to improve their internal business flows that could be further enhanced with additional technical support to make their business even more successful.

Using our agile project management framework, we began a step-by-step process to build a fully comprehensive system that could meet all of their needs – Working closely with the team at Shankar on a day-to-day basis to plan, develop and test each step in the journey to guarantee that the solution we delivered was entirely customised to their unique requirements.

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The Result

Using our highly efficient bespoke development team as well as our agile project management processes enabled us to utilise a flexible approach to the Shankar web development project – Thus resulting in a truly individual system tailored perfectly to meet every one of our client’s needs, integrating seamlessly with their in-house workflows.

The delivery of the Shankar’s new wholesale management software has helped to dramatically improve the productivity and visibility of their company, resulting in lower costs and higher profits. This web design Birmingham project combined with the visually more attractive front-end and improved user experience has contributed to the increased revenue of the business as a whole.

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