Security  Doors Direct

The Brief

SEO is not a cost, but an investment. Lifting your URL to the top 3 spots on the first page, where most clicks go, can provide massive ROI. Security Doors Direct were getting no enquiries from their website and didn’t understand why.

We explained, nobody can find you through keywords they are searching and hoping to find, so they choose our SEO services Birmingham.Assuming that everybody has heard your brand or thinks that you’re the best is a costly mistake; people are constantly searching for the best new deal and use Google as a comparison website. If you’re not there, you won’t be considered.

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The Creative Solution

We carefully took SEO into consideration when planning to improve sales for our client. Our SEO company Birmingham helped map out old URL’s to new ones so they’re “search engine friendly”, tailor landing pages to user intent, lead prospects down the funnel and preserve old rankings that took years of work to achieve. Another thing we improved was the speed because if the page doesn’t load fast enough, we think the probability of the bounce increases by 90%.

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The Result

By updating the content and tags with rich fresh keywords, when Google crawled the website only after a few months the site had a huge increase in 2,114 more visits. Think of how many users turned into customers? SEO Birmingham got their business found, noticed and loved for many different keyword phrases, and are one of the best in their industry because of it.

However, no longer is SEO just about ranking a site in search results or getting more clicks and views, for us it is about rooting the company’s goals and strategies and turn the table around on what the target market individuals what to see.

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