Security Care

The Brief

Being a long-term client of ours, we have established a strong working relationship with Security Care Ltd over the years, providing a whole host of services for their various projects ranging from web design to SEO as well as hosting packages and more. Because of this, when Security Care decided to revamp their existing website, there was only really one company that they felt they could turn to.

Of course we were more than happy to meet up with our oldest client again, and to introduce them to what was new in the world of web design. We reviewed their admittedly outdated design and put together a strategy for how we could rebuild their online image and truly bring the website into the 21st century.

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The Creative Solution

We began by reacquainting ourselves with our client’s latest services and what their plans were for developing the already established brand even further over the coming months and years. This helped us to understand what they wanted to achieve, how they wanted to reflect themselves digitally, and most importantly how they wanted their customers to use their new website, all the while keeping their business objectives in mind.

Careful competitor analysis also gave us an insight into how customers in the security products sector would be thinking – We went for a much more modern front-end design as well as utilising a more user-friendly menu structure and integrating case studies and FAQs to help provide our website users with all the information they could need.

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The Result

The newly refurbished website for Security Care Ltd is a major leap forward when compared to their previous one. The streamlined user journey and modernised interface have contributed to ensure that not only does their brand image look and feel revitalised, but that more importantly they can now stand toe-to-toe against their competitors and secure their place in their competitive market.

The inclusion of new content into the website has also gone a long way to improving the user experience on the website, by giving real-world examples of their services to their customers whilst also helping to answer any questions and alleviate concerns their customer base might have. All in all, the new website for Security Care Ltd is yet another project we can be truly proud of.

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