PS Concrete Pumping

The Brief

PS Concrete Pumping came to Creative Ideaz in early 2019 to discuss a common problem that they were facing – Despite having what seemed to be a well-designed and functional website, they did not seem to be getting any business online whatsoever. Our team of digital marketing specialists rallied around to diagnose the problem and to plan a suitable solution.

At first glance to the untrained eye, their lightweight, one-page website ticked all of the boxes – But it soon became apparent that due to the limited scope of their site, their rankings in search engines were suffering and even when users did manage to find the website, they could not find the right information they were searching for.

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The Creative Solution

We could see that in order to broaden their horizons, we needed more information on the website – But it needed to be the right information. Careful analysis of their sector and their competitors gave us the insight we needed to craft an intuitive menu structure and page plan to ensure that their potential customers would be able to find exactly what they were looking for online.

We removed unnecessary elements from the pages that would hinder users from converting on the site and optimised their call-to-actions to maximise their chances of getting enquiries online. We also added highly-optimised text content to the new pages we created including FAQs sections to ensure users had any concerns or queries of theirs addressed right away.

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The Result

We began to see results almost immediately after launching the new and improved second version of the PS Concrete website. Not only was our search engine optimisation paying off as Google rankings began to steadily climb, but conversion rates were also on the rise with a growing percentage of website users now going on to submit an enquiry.

We are very happy that our hard work has paid off for yet another client – Rather than just creating a visually appealing website, by going the extra mile to understand our client’s wants and needs as well as those of their customers’, we were able to craft a truly functional, effective website that works for all who use it.

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