Instant Mix Concrete

The Brief

Having recently had a first website created for their company, Instant Mix Concrete initially approached Creative Ideaz with a view to begin the marketing of their services – However after we increased visitors to the website, we could see that there were still little to no conversions, prompting us to take a deeper look into their web design.

We came to realise that their existing website was a disorganised and unplanned design – The layouts were not user-friendly, the call-to-actions not optimised, and the entire user journey had clearly not been planned with the end user in mind. So we took the decision to rebuild the website to resolve all of these issues at once.

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The Creative Solution

Creative Ideaz set about planning for the new Instant Mix Concrete website by delving deep into the mindset of the target audience; What were they searching for, what problems were they trying to solve, and what key points would encourage them to convert from a website browser into an active customer?

We understood that many of these would-be customers would have questions about the products – To allay these concerns, we created detailed FAQ’s and developed a “Concrete Calculator” for users to work out the amount of concrete needed which would automatically turn into an enquiry form, to make the concrete quoting process as easy as possible.

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The Result

The new and improved Instant Mix Concrete website is a dramatic improvement from the previous iteration – Instead of a simple re-design, we went back to the drawing board and built the new website from the ground up, allowing us to get to the core of what the audience was searching for and to craft the new site to meet these needs.

By combining a well-planned user experience with an intuitive interface and streamlined customer journey, we were able to develop a finished product that ticks all the boxes of both our client as well as their customers – Resulting in a great-looking and highly functional website that works on all levels, and yet another successful web design project for Creative Ideaz.

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