Instant Mix Concrete

The Brief

Having a previous site promoting their concrete services, Instant Mix Concrete originally turned to Creative Ideaz for our SEO Birmingham service. However, we quickly found that despite the increased number of visitors, there were little to no conversions coming from it, meaning the client was generating hardly any business from the site.

It became clear that Instant Mix Concrete required a redesign of their site to ensure any further marketing services produced a healthy return on investment.

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The Creative Solution

The digital marketing plans we had for this client started with in-depth research into the mind of the target customers. From this, we understood that the preferred method of contact was to call therefore, the main call-to-actions reflected this clearly. We also found that some target users were unsure of how much concrete they needed so, we integrated a smart concrete calculator which turned into a contact form, to get those enquiries flooding in!  

Not only this, we ensured that the look of the site reflected their current brand, the content was of high-quality to climb up those search result rankings and the site was responsive for all those smartphone users.

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The Result

The redesign of the site as well as our ongoing SEO service, has allowed out client to reach goals that he never thought was possible! From being ranked number 1 for his most searched keywords, to an optimum conversion rate, users found what they were looking for with ease and now his phones haven't stopped ringing since!  

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