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Instant Mix Concrete

The Brief

Instant Mix Concrete are providers of Ready-Mix Concrete and Concrete Pumping Services to both Commercial and Domestic Sectors throughout Birmingham and surrounding areas. Having had a previous website created that they were not satisfied with, Instant Mix Concrete turned to Creative Ideaz to build a more efficient website that portrayed their brand and services more accurately and professionally, as well as to be more appealing to their target audience.Their main issues were regarding the usability of their previous website.

By giving a low amount of poor-quality information combined with a poor use experience, most website users were not being persuaded to enquire about their services, resulting in a loss of business for the company.

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The Creative Solution

The company were at a standstill, their site was poor, they were getting no enquires, and weren’t profiting from the website. When a site isn’t user-friendly, customers find it hard to be interested and flow to what they want to see therefore, we carried out a User experience (UX) test; understanding how users can navigate through the site and if the action they want to take is there. Users may visit your site for several reasons, maybe they’re looking to buy something or find out information. Ultimately the main objective we set ourselves is to re-design the site in a way that it both caters the companies needs and the users.

Analysing the personas and customer journey helped us understand just exactly what users wanted from the site. We found that because a user may be completing a construction job on the weekend and are in need of concrete services fast, we would clearly say on the site that they provide same day services and how much they charge. Also, because of this short amount of time in the user needing to find a company, we made it known the call to action is to call.

But how did we get them to this goal? By not only improving the look of the site to match brand guidelines, we added a high-quality content that spoke directly to the user reading it. Right down to the tone of voice, we knew just what they wanted to hear. Going along with the user needing a company fast, we also added a handy ‘concrete calculator’ which would give them the value amount of concrete for the area they are working. We believe by adding more informative content and quirky little features, the user is fulfilled and becomes a customer. Knowing the problems and carefully identifying the target audience, we knew how to make impressionable changes. We all know everyone is constantly browsing on their smartphones. Your website should be easy to navigate on all screen sizes; having a responsive website was a must change for Instant Mix Concrete.

The Result

Since the changes and after a few months the team dug deeper into the results. More people organically were browsing through the new site exploring new features and reading the new content, we can see this from the increase in organic sessions and the average time spent nearly doubled.

However, organic impressions did take a huge decrease and there were many reasons why we thought this happened; uninformed site changes between stakeholders or it could have simply been changes to search behaviour and trends at that time of the year. Although this did occur, we managed to get more people to the site, for a longer duration and meeting set goals such was filling out an enquiry form and calculating an amount of concrete.

We did what we set out to complete in our conversion optimisation service for Instant Mix Concrete, we successfully converted users into customers.

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