DSC Race Center

The Brief

DSC Race Center came to us knowing they weren’t even ranked for the main keyword their product is in their area, Birmingham. We wanted to change that. Despite having an informative site, amazing images and user journey, not many people knew about them.

Our SEO Birmingham service included carefully selecting keywords to optimise the website so that they would receive more leads.

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The Creative Solution

We added the keywords such as ‘race simulator Birmingham’ and many more into the content, page titles and descriptions, image names and more so that when Google crawls the website the URL’s appear on when the user searches. As well as undergoing SEO Birmingham on the website, we created a Google My Business account. This would then allow anybody who is searching for their products in the area to not only appear ranked #1 but also appear in the maps and give contact details.

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The Result

In Dec 2018, they were getting 0 visitors, and within 2 months after our SEO company Birmingham successfully optimising the website, they got an increase of nearly 300. Almost all of todays searched are location-based, including yours.Think about it – when you pull out your phone to find a nearby restaurant, you don’t just type “restaurant”, you type “restaurant in your city”- so you get the place you want. This was the case for our client, as they were based in the Birmingham, we were filling a need for all the users we found already searching this term.

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