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Corset Deal

The Brief

Corset Deal was the brainchild of lead fashion designer Suman Bharti, who established a company that serves as a home of corsets for all women. At present, Corset Deal is renowned as the biggest online corset store across the globe with over 75, 000 stock and over 500 plus designs.

After discussions with this client, we found that the problem was the lack of sales due to the clients lack of visibility in the fashion market. We knew that to make more sales from the website, we needed to understand their target customer more to help them proceed through the sales funnel from awareness to purchase.

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The Creative Solution

Our persona development and customer journey mapping techniques helped us to understand the process that our clients target audience would be taking on their way to purchasing a corset from their website.

Understanding the thought processes associated with each step allowed us to tap into the mind of the customers and appeal directly to their core interests. Once a customer is aware of the brand, it is then a case of developing that awareness into consideration for their item, before progressing to a preference over competitors. Ultimately this should result in a purchase, and ideally a loyalty for the brand once they have had a positive experience with the sale.


The Results

Statistics show between March 2016 - May 2017 :

  • E-Commerce conversion rate increased by 13.10%
  • Transactions went up by 31.60%
  • Revenue increased by 29.60%

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“Creative Ideaz have helped transform my business by increasing my online sales with Conversion Optimisation, turning us into a recognised market leader in our sector. I couldn’t be happier with their service and would recommend to anyone looking to increase online sales.” –Corset Deal

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