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One of the best known platforms for professional marketing, LinkedIn has proved to be an outstanding 277% better at lead generation compared to its peers, Facebook and Twitter. As of now, LinkedIn boasts of more than 2 million organisations and 200 million users, spread across 200 countries, ranging from home grown SMEs to large multinational, multicultural conglomerates. These statistics should not be surprising, since LinkedIn is one of the best open platforms for collaboration with internal marketing and IT teams, external customers and partners across industries, roles, organisations and functions. Imagine you had to reach out to some of the leading experts in your industry to get an insight into their perspectives on market trends and recent innovations – in real life, your scope would be restricted to your organisation, your college mates, your family and friends to get connected to such kind of people. With LinkedIn, you can get connected to the who’s who of your industry and also expect positive responses from them. Another advantage of this online networking platform is that it is one of the most effective mediums for you to clarify what you and your company offer as a product or service. Your website will always have relevant information, but the disadvantage there is that it is not updated so often. With LinkedIn, you can provide updates on a more regular frequency keeping all stakeholders informed on the most recent developments that are going on in the organization.


The golden rules for organizations to follow are:
  1. Your company page: Everything on this page goes into building the image that your organisation showcases to the world. Smart organisations take time and effort in optimising their LinkedIn pages. The main thing is to ensure that the page has maximum ‘Buyer Appeal’. For this, the company description needs to focus on your product offerings and services and the market segments you cater to. You can use the ‘Specialities’ section to elaborate with the key words that are best suited for your organisation. 41% of IT buyers indicate that most organisations have content that is too generic. Hence finding out the areas that are niche to your line of work, and focusing on those will help your organisation stand out amongst the crowd.
  2. Highlight data points: There are two kinds of data. The first kind is full of detail, gives research insights and goes overboard in trying to explain concepts and scenarios. This kind of data is more suited for learning platforms that are looking to educate users. The second kind, which is more suitable for LinkedIn, focuses on actionable data – clear, simple and crisp – one that enables readers to take the next step of action towards continuing engagement with you.
And for individuals, the priority items are:
  1. Photograph: Including your personal photograph is an essential element for effectively using LinkedIn. This shows to the world that you are a real person, working in a legitimate manner. It eliminates any doubt.
  2. Avoid noise: Whatever you do, make sure you do not repeatedly share posts by others just to create activity around your page. This is done by many when they do not have enough to show for themselves – and hence the posting and sharing technique to remind people that you are still alive. However, assuming that you are a legitimate person in a legitimate profession, there are bound to be many more original and relevant insights that you can share with your followers – because, believe it or not – the truth is that they are following you to get to really know you.
So the trick is to be active and aligned, and LinkedIn can surely connect you and your organisation to incredible opportunities that otherwise would have been difficult to generate. For starting a professional marketing campaign using LinkedIn, do get in touch with the expert team at CreativeIdeaz today.

The first time that a social media campaign is created, there is loads of excitement, fun and the feeling of having discovered a gold mine free of cost! As time goes by, reality sets in and the importance of planning and evaluating your social activities comes into play. Yes, all of us know the key to a great social campaign – be responsive, interactive and engage your customers well. And what happens when you stop being responsive? Here are some statistics on how social media can create heaven or hell for you depending on how careful or careless you are in your attitude towards it. CUSTOMER SERVICE:

  7 out of 8 social messages do not get answered within a period of 72 hours   Customer service teams respond to 1 in 8 emails immediately   88% of genuine customer calls go unanswered

If this sounds like something that could happen (or is happening) in your organization then be prepared to pull your socks up. FIRST THINGS FIRST – INVEST IN YOUR TEAM The solution to avoiding delays in responses? Invest before you dive in. Have a team ready, have the right tools ready so that you can tackle real time situations in the best of ways. Integrating social media solutions with customer service tools such as UserVoice and Zendesk ensures that you are on top of the game at all times and are really tuned in with your customers. HANDLING COMPLAINTS: Consider this situation –  A photographer once put up a picture of Barbara Streisand’s lavish mansion in Malibu on a social network. This didn’t go well with the celebrity singer who reacted in an aggressive manner and did all that could be done to suppress the publicity of the pictures. What followed is now famously known as the Streisand Effect. The very pictures that were being suppressed were distributed even more and landed up on websites, coffee mugs and even T-shirts. The lesson – negligence or defence to public criticism or expression can put you on a back foot forever. The solution – Get a PR team ready upfront and be prepared to deal with any kind of feedback from customers. Being polite and responsive will win you the battle even before it starts. For the best of solutions on engaging with your customers through social media, get in touch with the experts at Creative Ideaz today. References: Forbes, Sprout Social

Content marketers are slowly waking up to the power of the niche platforms on social media. Niche social platforms? Yes – for those willing to look at life outside of Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, here is a list of some niche social media platforms that are surely worth exploring: But first, a note of caution: Businesses are already tapping into these platforms for reaching out to potential customers. However, by and large, most marketers are still unconvinced. Whether it is concern for brand reputation or preconceived notions about what will work for their business, they are waiting on the edge, until these platforms take off due to mass appeal. Therefore, the ones who are bold enough to venture into this area have in front of them an ocean of unexplored opportunities and could very well be rewarded with a surprise pot of gold along the way. A brilliant platform for those brands that are out there to make a difference to people’s lives. Care2 was founded in 1998 with a single minded mission for ‘Making the World A Better Place’. Today, this social network is proud to have 30 million citizens actively engaged in national and international social causes. This leading site for petitions receives on an average 8.2 million visitors monthly and has generated more than 24 million signatures in the last one year. If your brand is in publishing, or has apps or products focused on the literary customer, this is one social network you want to be on! Goodreads connects passionate readers and authors from the world over. With features like online catalogues, book ratings, reviews and recommendations, the GoodReads owners ensure that its community of over 25 million people are more than satisfied with the services they offer through the site.
  • 3. Quora:
An amazing community that has a reputation for being one of the simplest and yet effective platforms that connects real, authentic people asking and answering genuine questions. Based on the philosophy of sharing, this is a great place for individuals and businesses to establish themselves as experts in their areas of interests. This great tool claims to have over 800,000 unique visitors each month. One start-up company has been quoted to state that, “Our referral traffic from Quora grew an impressive 3x between February and April!” From BlogHer (focused on women) and ParentsConnect (parents!) to Ozmosis (health care) and Raptr (gamers), there is a niche out there for everyone. For some wonderful ways to reach out to target audiences and reach out to newer markets, do get in touch with the awesome team at Creative Ideaz today. References: Social Media Examiner   Convert With Content

When OnePlus was launching its new mobile handset, it was looking for a marketing strategy that would take it to the big league of smart-phone players such as Apple, Samsung and Motorola. Knowing that an all out global media campaign required vast amount of capital, OnePlus decided to break the boundaries and do something different. In a revolutionary marketing campaign, OnePlus received a phenomenal boost in sales revenues and brand recognition. What were the path breaking media strategies that this brave organization adopted? Niche Audience: The makers of this phone were clear that there was a distinct audience that would find significant value in this product. The marketing strategy was then targeted solely to this genre of people using the most creative of ways. For example, in order to reach out to this target audience, an alliance was formed with Cyanogen Inc., a group that has some of the most elitist custom ROM developers for the android platform. Using Word Power: In a cost effective move, the company maximized the used of online technology publications such as Engadget, Android Authority, Tech Crunch and GSM Arena by creating product based articles and viral news that spread rapidly on social networks. Given the buzz that was created, even renowned publications like Forbes, Telegraph, The Verge and CNET started researching about the phone and announced it as one of the recommended phones for 2014. Creating Exclusivity: The ‘being exclusive’ is a territory that a select few can operate in. Having already established an excellent distribution channel, One Plus was in a zone where it could now take the next risk of going exclusive. It decided to sell the phone using an invite-only strategy, immediately creating hype and a premium on availability. They hit a home run with this approach, and won the respect and appreciation of the tech geeks around the world. The other, and probably one of the most outstanding benefits of this strategy was that there was no unnecessary pressure on manufacturing that gets created during peak demands. Product quality standards could be easily maintained as customers were now willing to wait until the product was ready for shipment. Key Takeaways: The success of this kind of digital marketing can be substantiated by the astounding statistics of 25.6M visits in December 2014, one year after the official launch of the website. The flipside of this campaign: Responding to customer feedback and queries real-time across multiple social media channels. The company was just not prepared to deal with the torrent of inputs that came pouring in all together. Given that there are always unforeseen challenges in new ventures, it still does not take away from them the glory of being pioneers in creating new avenues in the world of digital marketing. If you too are looking for new ways to market and brand your products and services, then the marketing experts at CreativeIdeaz are waiting to hear from you!

Bill Gates once said, “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” For those who are confident of having mastered the foundation of online marketing, it’s time to take the next step towards automation. Automation techniques have known to bring about as much as 50% increase in productivity, saving you precious time and resources for the more creative fun parts at work. In addition to enhancing efficiency, the advantage of creating real time content is a key feature that is greatly valued by content marketers today. Here is an interesting tool that can serve as a useful aid for those who are ready to jump on the automation band wagon. If This Then That (IFTTT) is a fantastic platform for social media integration that allows you to connect multiple applications seamlessly. All you need to do is enlist all the applications you are interested in automating along with the recipe for what you would like the tool to do for you. Once that is done, Voila! You can sit back and relax and keep your focus on generating more innovative and relevant content. A few examples on the automation possibilities with IFTTT are:

Live Tweeting: How easy life would be if you could tweet interesting articles immediately as soon as they are released. With IFTTT, you could create a recipe that looks out for content with certain phrase or tag that you are interested in from sources that you identify. Once a match is found, the article can directly be tweeted from your twitter account without any manual intervention. If you would like to review or comment on the article before publishing it then the content can be saved in a buffer for you to take appropriate action when ready.

Image Collecting: If you are particular on combining great visuals with your content, a lot of time that you spend looking for and organizing images can be saved by creating a simple recipe on IFTTT. For example, your recipe could be for selecting images with a certain hashtag and copying them into a predefined Dropbox folder. When you start writing for a certain topic, you will have a ready to use image collection to go along with the content.

• Real Time Alerts: A fashion house once wanted to publish content based on the weather forecast in their target regions. A great way for automating their work was to create an email or SMS alert for a given weather condition. For example, if you get an alert saying that it is going to rain tomorrow in London, you could create content relevant to the news giving additional value to your customers.

Think about it. If you do fall in the category of businesses that are looking to magnify operational efficiencies, then Creative Ideaz can help open up a whole new world of productive possibilities. References: Content Marketing Institute