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Wednesday, August 31, 2022
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Google analytics 4

You might have heard the news that Google’s Universal Analytics will be out of office on a permanent basis as of the 1st July 2023. After this point, any newly created data won’t be tracked, and Universal Analytics will only be able to show details of historical data that had been collected up until the 1July 2023.

If you don’t use Universal Analytics and you’re working on GA 360 instead, then the same process will happen for you too, but you’ll have a slightly later deadline of the 1st October 2023. So what is Google Analytics 4, why the change, and what does it mean for you?

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is an analytics tool that allows you to monitor and measure the traffic and visitor engagement across your business’s websites and/or apps. According to Google, Google Analytics 4 will -

  1. Gather data from both websites and apps in order to allow you to have a better understanding of your customer’s journey
  1. Is built around using events as opposed to session-based data
  1. Has privacy controls – including cookie-less measurement, as well as conversion and behavioural modelling
  1. Include predictive capabilities that provide guidance but with zero complicated models
  1. Media platforms will have direct integrations in order to drive actions across your apps and websites

Why the Change?

Google purchased Analytics long, long, ago in a time before even WhatsApp existed – 2005. Before they bought it, it was something you had to pay for, but they swiftly turned into a freebie. (Which was nice of them). The thing is, tech like Universal Analytics is reliant on cookies to gather data. And this cookie tech is already 20 years old.  

While it used to be reliable, it’s much less so now and that’s largely because of things like iOS changes, ad blockers, and the end of third-party cookies. And, according to Media Wire, Google Ad’s top three priorities for 2022 are:  

  • Automation
  • Measurement
  • Privacy

That’s where Google Analytics 4 – or GA4 for short – comes in. It has all three of these at its core, but in order to ensure they were all achievable, it meant Google had no choice but to build a brand-spanking new version of Analytics from scratch.

What does it Mean for You?

The death of Google’s Universal Analytics might fill you with frustration, but ultimately the switch to GA4 should ensure you're better equipped for the future. This new rollout means zero third-party cookies, increased regulation, and better privacy controls too. All in all, this ensures consumers are better protected.

However, the new upgrade will undoubtedly cause a few teething problems for some on the business and marketing side. At Creative Ideaz, though, we’ll make sure all of our clients are taken care of. We’ll sort out all of the re-tagging of sites, we’ll deal with the coding, and we’ll make sure the new data is gathered correctly, and that our team is onboard with the new changes that GA4 will bring.

At Creative Ideaz, it’s our business to keep on top of changes in the industry – however big or small. To some, this switch may seem daunting, but to us we look on it as a chance to level up our knowledge, grow as a business, and become experts in new tech. Change is good, and we’re here for it. Let us help you and your business move into the future and see how far you can grow too.  

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.

Kash Sangha