What Does the Death of Third-Party Cookies Mean for Digital Marketing?

Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Lucy Benson
Goodbye 3rd party cookies

With an increase of users valuing their own private data and there being a demand for more privacy, a cookie-less world emerging shouldn’t be a surprise. Already, browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, are blocking third party cookies, and Chrome will join them by 2022. 

Third-Party Cookies

Being used for ad targeting and behavioural advertising, third-party cookies can track a user throughout their journey on the web whilst visiting various websites. This benefits advertisers and digital marketers because they can build up profiles based on interests and habits, helping to provide better, more relevant content.

There has been huge controversy around the topic of third-party cookies and many believe they’re an invasion of people’s privacy; whilst others browse the internet freely without even realising they're dropping cookie crumbles everywhere they go.

 Google's Decided to Phase Out Third Party Cookies

Privacy is paramount to us, in everything we do. So today, we are announcing a new initiative to develop a set of open standards to fundamentally enhance privacy on the web. We’re calling this a PrivacySandbox.” - Justin Schuh (Director, Chrome Engineering)

The idea behind this new concept is to protect anonymity whilst still delivering results for online advertisers and marketers. Google will move towards a Facebook-like “Lookalike audience” model that will group users for profiling.

Did you know?

72% of people feel that almost everything they do online is being tracked by advertisers, technology firms or other companies.

(Source: Pew Research Center)

The Future of Search Engines

Here’s what Susan Dolan, a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant, foresees happening in search and the digital sphere:

  • Ethical consumer targeting
  • Adtech companies collaborating to find ways that respect their audience’s privacy
  • A more private, personalised web
  • More conversations around how much and what data collection is ethical
  • More user-led choices
  • Rise in the usage of alternative browsers
  • Incentivising users to voluntarily share their data
  • Better use of technology for good

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