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The Brief

Yingu is a family-run business that creates and sells healthy smoothies tailored to benefit the drinker in specific areas of health. Having already been using a basic online shop, Yingu wanted to improve on this with a digital platform that could really emphasise the specific benefits of their product and speak directly to their target audience.
The previous system that Yingu was using was far too basic for their specific needs – Meaning that getting their message across to their audience was mostly done face-to-face at various conventions. Because of this, a lot more time and effort was used for each customer before the sale then occurred.

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The Creative Solution

Of course, there are millions of healthy drink companies around the world, but we asked ourselves how could we make Yingu stand out? The company sells 5 different smoothies which in turn give out different benefits for different types of people, being their main USP. So, the ‘Inter-R’ Smoothie has various nutritional ingredients that will reduce inflammation, a common problem for elderly people.

Taking all smoothies, their benefits and who they’re for into account we knew how to add the most value on the site, with the right images, text and information to support it. Choosing vibrant images of healthy smoothies and people who were athletic or a fitness enthusiastic meant that users who were moving through the website could relate to this product and brand, even ordering it online.

The Result

Our project began with a detailed discovery phase to map out exactly what types of users were coming to the website to search for these products, what benefits they would be interested in, and what each user would expect from the site based on this. This planning phase helped us to create not only an attractive website but one that we believe really speaks to its target audience in the right style and tone needed.

The new website development is a significant improvement from their current, very basic “off-the-shelf” system and is much more appealing to its target audience, which we are confident will lead to increased trust between the customers for the brand as well as more sales and repeat customers for the future.

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