Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Clicks (PPC) has always been an option for increasing online sales. In 2015, PPC is all set to go to the next level. Traditional PPC has now made way for mobile PPC and Google Product Listing Ads (PLA). Here are some facts that you need to consider when opting for PPC marketing:

•  Mobile PPC actually costs less than desktop PPC and has a higher conversion rate. •  Google Adwords is extremely popular amongst big brands such as Amazon, Priceline, Microsoft and Expedia. •  Search Ads account for close to 40% of the total internet advertising revenue. •  Google PLA is the new choice for online retailers. Spending on this platform increases drastically on days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Revenues generated on these days are also significantly higher. •  In the UK, the total ad spend on Paid Search Advertising for Desktops and Tablets was £783 million in the first half of last year. This was excluding Mobile and PLA platforms which are now gaining momentum. A significant £742 million of the £783 million was attributed to Google AdWords. The remaining £41 million was spent on the U.K. Yahoo! Bing Network. •  Top five industries in the UK that chose to use PPC were Financial Services, Online Gambling, Retail, Telecommunications and Utilities.

Irrespective of the kind of PPC platform, there are some incredible benefits that PPC offers your business:

•  Cost Factor: In traditional advertising, you pay upfront when you launch a campaign and hope to gain benefits based on user response. In PPC, the plus side is that you only pay when an interested user clicks on the ad.

•  Flexibility: You can actually vary the budget on a daily basis. For example, you can set an upper cap on spending and also increase or decrease spending during peak and lull periods.

•  Customer Targeting: Google and Microsoft are spending billions of research dollars on ensuring that the right ad is delivered to the right customer. Keyword popularity along with historical user information is used to create customer personas which then help guide the placement of ads.

•  Easier Analytics: A PPC campaign is known to generate ROI faster than a traditional organic search strategy. The best part is the analytical information that is easily available when opting from PPC. Conversion rate measurement is straightforward, and so is keyword evaluation. Collaboration of PPC and SEO fundamentals can make all the difference when it comes to successful conversions.

At Creative Ideaz we have experienced amazing results when using PPC for our clients. Do get it touch and allow us to take your product or service to your customer through the PPC way. References: Search Engine Land