LinkedIn is undeniably one of the best social media tools to gear up brand visibility and thereby promote your online business presence to a wider audience. LinkedIn has over 380 million members spread worldwide and with nearly 94 of Fortune 100 companies utilizing its corporate talent solutions, the popular network has definitely proved its worth in the business world. However, many enterprise owners are yet to fully figure out the potent utility of this effective social media. Here are three main reasons why business owners should consider LinkedIn as a powerful marketing tool to grow business.

1. The much needed Media connect: Media coverage is an imperative requirement for creating the required brand awareness and its appealing positioning among the masses. With over 94.2 journalists and media professionals on LinkedIn and with 62% of them preferring to use the social media as their choice of professional platform, LinkedIn is one of the best choices to get sighted quickly. Here are a few tips to drive media traffic to your LinkedIn page.

    Use LinkedIn company page to create your company profile and link it to your personal profile and company websites.     Regularly upload effective and valuable content to your LinkedIn business page. Frequent updates on completed projects, news updates, insightful tips, details of new products and so on will help you get noticed faster.     Add striking visuals of your company logo to that of personal profiles. Do check The National Geographic Channel to do it the right way

2. Developing business Partnerships: Nurturing business partnership is very much required for business development. With the right set of partners you can cross reference your set of clients, bring in the required turnover with complementary products and thereby help each other grow big.

Martine Martinez, founder, Entrepreneur Card and one of Linkfluencer community members, developed partnership with 30 prominent brands, got covered in more than 10 media publication and had nearly 150 entrepreneurs at his company launch.

3. Finding new Customers: LinkedIn is a valuable resource to find new customers. Here are few tips to effectively reach out to a wider client base.

    Form a group based on specific area of interest mostly relating to your business, upload interesting topics based on this, gear up discussions and invite members to add their valuable suggestions. This is by far one of the best methods to widen customer base. Check out Nikon Photographers group to get a fair idea as to how to strategically develop your business based on a group.     Pool in your employees and partners for LinkedIn activities. Their profound knowledge and valuable suggestions can help to enlarge your business credibility and thereby attract new clients.     Interact regularly with your client base. Surf through your profiles for your list of connections- personal and business, to get valuable leads.