A business or brand logo has considerable bearing on business growth as it represents what you are to your target customers. A good brand logo enhances product visibility, which is a major contributor to customer purchase decisions and their overall preference for a product. According to a study, customers make intuitive decisions about a product in about 90 seconds after seeing its logo. A well-crafted logo gives an instinctive spark to your business and the product or service you wish to sell to your customers. Take for instance the bitten Apple—it deftly entices us to explore and indulge in all the delectable, ‘must-have’ Apple products. So, what exactly should your logo reflect in order to pave a quick and clear path to the target audience, and become timeless in the process?

1. You are unique: You have an edge over your competitors—your logo should translate this uniqueness by weeding out scores of others out there. It is not just about crafting an all exclusive logo design, but about doing it out of the box to get the message clear. Look at the three ellipses of Toyota—they denote three hearts—the heart of the customer, the heart of the product and the heart of innovative and progressive technology.

2. Visible portrayal of your brand: Your logo should clearly define your brand. The logo should encompass the true nature of the brand—be it contemporary, utility based, or one that evokes a particular emotion. It should reflect the essence of the brand it represents; like the arrow in Amazon that points from a to z, denoting the wide variety of products available on the site. The arrow is styled like a smiley face, representing ultimate happiness in customers after shopping with them.

3. You are flexible and adaptable to changing business trends: A business revolves around changing market trends and conditions. Your logo should noticeably speak aloud these changes. The Google logo underwent many alterations, incorporating the many changes made to the popular browser in the last 17 years. Its recent logo update in September that replaced the ‘g’ with the four colour ‘G’, echoes the way people interact with Google products from various platforms, apps and devices. It also reveals the number of ways Google works for you to make life easy through Search, Maps, Gmail, Chrome and plenty of others in just one click.

4. You are colour perfect: Different colours communicate different feelings in people. For example, blue stands for secure, honest, strong, caring and trustworthy. Facebook, Ford and Visa have used blue to reflect these characteristics that form the binding force of their business. Starbucks and Subway have chosen green to portray growth, freshness, nature and the earth. As with colours, fonts and shapes are also important factors that decide a logo’s overall impact and visibility.

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