User Experience or UX based web designs are gaining a strong foothold in web and app designing. Unlike User Interface or UI – which was the mainstay of web designs at one time, and mainly dealt with the appearance of websites, UX web designs go further to provide thrilling user experience. The term ‘User Experience Design’ was coined by Dr. Donald Norman, a researcher in Cognitive Science, who felt that every user oriented web design should fully encompass user needs. With online businesses surging ahead like never before, web designers and business owners have realised the importance of enhancing user experience in their web designs, apps and of course products, to increase brand visibility and have an edge over their competitors. The next year is sure to see a rise in the popularity of UX designs. Here are some UX design trends to look out for in 2016:

1.  Standalone testing apps and sites: Having realized the importance of creating good, experience oriented websites, companies are testing their sites to negate every possible error. Testing enhances the quality of websites, making UX true to its name. Come 2016, and in the years to follow, there will be a guaranteed rise in standalone user testing websites and apps to improve the credibility and durability of UX and UI websites.

2.  User experience will be the ruling norm in web designing: Just like how responsive web designs became imperative in web development, UX designs will unquestionably be the ruling norm in the years to come. UX will penetrate every level of designing to perfect web designs in every possible way—right from the moment a user clicks on the site, to when they complete a purchase order. It’s just a matter of time when Google Algorithms will lower search engine ranks of websites offering bad user experience.

3.  Interweaving physical and digital experience: With the gap between physical and digital closing in, the entire focus of designers and business owners would be to provide maximum physical experience through the digital space. Every micro detail of the web design will be analysed and perfected. It will no longer be the number of screens or clicks, but would be the refining of every screen and every click to give the maximum realistic experience to the customers. Customers are most likely to choose an app or a website for its ease of use and the pleasant experience they derive from it.

4.  Foreseeing user needs: Future UX designs will be wholly based on user needs. Companies will work towards giving a wholesome experience to customers, and enable them to make informed decisions and shop better. Artificial intelligence will be the next technology at play, to create the choicest designs based on web content, and to choose the best layout, colour, typography and the required imagery to enhance customer experience in every possible way.

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