Social media stars promise to bring in more newness and freshness into the world of content marketing. Here are some interesting notes on this new found niche that many industry leaders are looking to explore further. Very much like movie, stage, music, fashion and television celebrities, the social media celebrity is fashionable, popular and trendy. And this has brought about a new breed of talent agencies! These Social Media Talent Agencies help find the best match and steer deals and negotiations between big business houses and the stars. Such agencies also work diligently on fan tracking and keeping the buzz alive on social networks. Where do you find this “A” list of social media stars? They usually “perform” on Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. According to a recent report, Vine star Nash Grier was recently recruited for advertising videos by big logos like Virgin Mobile and MTV. And guess what the statistics had to say? Nash Gier pulled in an outstanding $4,166 a second. That is so close to the numbers made by the world’s highest paid actor, Robert Downey Jr, who pulls in $5,827 a second. There are many advantages of using such stars for your campaigns. First, the outreach is significant and for brands that can find best fit messages – this is one of the easiest ways to ensure widespread distribution. A recent example was that of the indigenous ad campaign by American Apparel. 15-year old Brendan Jordan, who runs an enormously popular youtube channel and is known for his wit and spontaneity, was hired by American apparel for its latest clothing campaign. Brendan, a strong proponent of the gay community adds another colourful dimension to the otherwise boring clothing market. While it is great to have social media stars in your digital campaigns, there are some important dos and don’ts to follow as well. The Advertising Standards Authority is watching over the multitude of ad campaigns out there to ensure that they are well within the norms of ethical advertising. The ‘Oreo Lick Race‘ campaign that featured popular stars Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Emma Blackery, Thomas Ridgewell and TomSka was pulled by the ASA for misleading consumers. There were complaints received from journalist stating that the intent of the videos were originally editorial based and had been misused for propagation of marketing messages. The agency, of course, has argued that the marketing intent was clear from the videos and most consumers have understood the nature of the message. Controversies aside, the key point that has come across from this incident is the dramatic reach that these stars can provide to agencies. Most of these stars have between 3 to 10 million viewers subscribed on their channels, a significant number for announcing new brands to users. Is a social media star campaign the best strategy to use for your brand? To find out more on the right campaign for your product, do get in touch with the digital marketing team at Creative Ideaz today. References: Wired, The Guardian, The Independent