This email marketing is too old to be effective? Even though newer marketing techniques are emerging, seasoned marketing professionals still swear by this age old method of lead generation. And the good news? Email marketing too is changing with the times. According to a recent study by Exact Target, 77% of customers prefer marketing communications through email than spending time on search engine.Effective email marketing strategies give 80% increase in leads and 77% lift in conversion. Here are the top three techniques that have given great results for email campaigns:

• Integrate your website with email communication: A uniquely designed site with a distinct color scheme, high quality images and relevant information about your product and business triggers 50% more customers. A site with effective visual effects has 15% more open rates. A good idea is to design a website that will trigger an email to reach out to subscribers who have previously visited your site or abandon their shopping carts. Sometimes, all they need is an additional touch or a small incentive to finish the purchase. Shopping-cart recovery e-mails can help recapture up to 29% of abandoned carts. Always, provide an easy option on the site to unsubscribe so that you maintain an active and engaged customer list.

• Use personalization and relationship building tactics: Personalization pays off!! It generates more than six times higher transaction rates. Email list segmentation combined with content that is both personalized and customized for the different segments should be on top priority. Offers, discounts & promotions urge the user to open your mail. Offer discounts if the customer gives email or contact details of a few references. Keep your customer attentive by regularly sending email to customers informing about their order status, offers and promotions. Give a personal touch to your email by offering discount coupons to customers on their birth date or anniversaries. Personalized mail has 3 times higher open rates, with transaction rates about 6 times higher.

• Mobile friendly e-mail marketing:By 2017 around 2.97 billion users are expected to use the internet over their phones. As many as 25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones and 10.16% on tablets. It means a significant portion of your subscribers and customers are likely using Smartphone’s and tablets to read your emails. Make sure your emails both look great and are easy to interact with – whether your subscribers are using desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Use dynamic display technology that automatically adjusts content and image sizes based on a user’s screen.

A successful email marketing strategy will help you gain the trust and loyalty of your audience, open doors to move contacts into your sales cycle, convert them into strong leads, and eventually, win their business. For actually implementing a winning email marketing for your organization, get in touch with those who know it best @ Creative Ideaz today. References: Fulcrumtech  Marketingsherpa