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UK’s Digital Marketing Industry is creating a new name for itself in the global marketing arena. While the vision of this industry is very much in place, there are some ground realities that have to be dealt with first. Adobe’s recently published Digital Roadblock Report 2015 has some interesting insights on the current state of affairs amongst UK’s marketers.

  1. 48% have serious concerns on keeping pace with the rapid changes in the industry
    1. −> Out of this, 60% see the dynamics in the technology space as a threat to smooth running operations
    2. −> At the same time, 85% see new developments as an opportunity
  2. The top worries cited by today’s marketers are:
    1. −> Lack of resources (41%)
    2. −> Training in new marketing skills (30%)
  3. The two most important techniques still used by marketers are:
    1. −> Trusting Instincts (55%)
    2. −> Adapting to New Technologies (58%)
John Watton, marketing director EMEA at Adobe, is upbeat about the new trends in digital technologies and says that, “On the whole UK marketers are positive about the opportunities presented by new technologies.” In this new realm of digital uncertainty, here are the top 3 rules that are diligently followed by industry leaders globally.
  1. 1.  Learning from Competitors:
You don’t have time to try all the variants of the game on your own if you want to focus on your results. While there needs to be a balance between originality and outright plagiarism, watching the successful outcomes of like-minded companies can give you an edge as to what works and what does not work for your kind of industry.
  1. 2.  Addressing User Needs:
A common mistake made by marketers is to focus solely on the great features and services that their brand offers without mentioning how the brand can be used to resolve user’s challenges. Keeping the target audience in mind and talking in a language that they understand and connect has the ability to resolve almost 90% of the roadblocks faced by novice marketers that only aggressively focus on promoting themselves.
  1. 3.  Breaking New Ground:
Technical analysis with metrics, measurements and ROI can sometimes bog you down and distract you from the inbuilt creativity that is needed to succeed in the marketing business. While it is important to keep an eye on results, if there are revolutionary ideas that are coming to you, it is equally important to go ahead and take the risk. History shows that in the long run, following the creativity and innovation path will give extraordinary results, while following the standard rules can at best give you ”just about ordinary’ results. Whether you are a risk taker that wants to shake the market or a safe steady player that wants guaranteed results, at Creative Ideaz we can give you just the right set of initiatives that will work for your kind of business. For more details, do get in touch with us @ 0845 094 2153. References:  B2B Marketing  Entrepreneur