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Content marketing has come a long way. What started off with a trickle has now become a huge flow. The number of messages reaching out to consumers through the various different mediums is just overwhelming. The content marketing space has expanded into various forms, such as viral videos, short CXO type messaging, info graphics and creative visuals and the use of big data for analytic decisions. Amidst this giant forest of innovative tools and techniques, is there still place for good old email marketing? Many would think that it is time to move into new areas and email marketing is just too passé in the current environment. Surprisingly, that is not the case with most seasoned content marketers. Discretion is a better part of valor is what seems to be the message here. The gurus believe that email marketing is still one of the most effective techniques out there and are continuing to use it, along with exploring other emerging marketing techniques. According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email marketing has an ROI of 4300%. Plus you get the satisfaction that you are also saving trees while you are at it! Given that email is here to stay, there are also a few shifts in email marketing techniques today. Most marketers firmly believe that email is more and more being accessed using smart phones and tablets. The messaging then becomes more short, crisp and mobile friendly; the subject line becomes sacred. Here are some useful tips to keep the glory of email marketing alive in 2015: · Reason: Give your readers a reason that they can relate to. Giving a statistic, a trend analysis, a measurable benefit is what is needed for today’s consumer. A clear logical reason in as little words as possible will win the day for most readers. · Being Selfless: Generosity –”The habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return”. Email marketing is a lot similar to this. The secret is to give, give and give. Rewarding readers with every sign up and action that they take through your email is a big yes. It will go a long way in maintaining your follower community and ensuring regular new additions to your list. · Timing: Timing is an area that can easily be experimented with. A great idea is to send out emails on Sunday mornings or Friday evenings and measure open rates as compared to emails that are sent out on Monday mornings or Wednesday afternoons. You may just discover that readers are more open to reading your messages on the weekends as compared to the buzz of activity that they are surrounded with on weekdays. We are currently working on refining our email marketing tricks to meet the needs of the new generation. For some great email marketing campaigns specifically geared towards audiences in 2015, get in touch with our digital marketing experts today! References: