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Visual representation is always more interesting, and results in a long lasting impression in our minds. What we see has a deep rooted effect on what we feel and what we do. Our brain processes visuals faster, and the retention factor is much higher compared to text only. On that note, have you looked at your website lately? If you lack the visual aspect, then know now that your business has the spark missing. Communicating your thoughts and ideas become easier when you have the right visual content. For your content marketing efforts, you need to know what will trigger the growth and capture more audience. Any presentation with 43% visual aid is more effective.

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We live in an era with social media dominance. There are multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and others, which are fantastic forums for social media marketing. And if you notice, all of these are image centric. New sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest have also shown to gain popularity very quickly. Images, videos, gifs (Graphics Interchange Format) are a few different ways to pump your visual content. It has been observed that individuals tend to want to finish a write up which has images incorporated in them compared to plain text. Studies show that articles with images have 94% more views. That’s a huge number you are playing with if your content misses that much-needed visual appeal. It is always advisable to use original images. It could be a time consuming task, but the result would be worth the effort. Photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Morguefile, which are free to acquire, are used by many. Apart from images, videos are powerful tools to enhance your visual content. Videos are often used to depict a problem, followed by providing a solution your business can offer. They can be made in multiple ways based on the target audience. Videos can be interactive, animated, demonstrating customer testimonials, etc. When you consider linking, you will notice that videos receive a stupendous amount of inbound links. Bloggers have a fascination for infographics. People share it often and the sooner it goes ‘viral’, the more publicity you are likely to gain. It is important to have the right layout and design for an effective infographic. Meme, a term coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976, is another brilliant way to communicate ideas by adding the element of humour to it. Initially used only by college goers, it is now used by many, often as a friendly come-back to their competitors. If you feel that your business needs that visual touch, reach out to Creative Ideaz to get the most innovative and effective solutions. Get in touch with us at 0845 094 2153 or visit