Terminus Contract Hire

The Brief

Being the West Midlands market leader in the vehicle rental industry, TCHire wanted to try digital marketing as they were so used to traditional methods of marketing. TCHire wasn’t getting enough enquiries from all the areas they were offering to, and in turn were making a loss from the vehicles they had invested in.

With so many brits wanting to go away for bank holidays, or business trips they were unaware of what TCHire could offer when searching online. That’s why SEO Birmingham was ideal for their business to grow successfully online – Online presence is key!

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The Creative Solution

The plan was to create landing pages for each vehicle hire options whether that’s for vans, cars and minibuses for each area in the West Midlands. We realised there were a bunch of competitors offering a similar service, so we made sure their USP’s (unique selling points) were highlighted on the pages.

The idea behind this was having them displayed could give the user that one last little nudge of reasoning into converting into a customer. Our SEO agency Birmingham ensured each of the pages had uniquely written keyword optimised copy as well as the meta titles and descriptions being engaging and persuasive to click.

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The Result

SEO success was achieved over the time of just 3 months in 2017 and rankings have continued to grow after many years. Creative Ideaz, leading SEO company Birmingham, were and still are experts in maintaining the keyword selection of TCHire’s whole website to ensure top rankings do not drop suddenly. With nearly 100 keywords ranked for the website on the 1st and 2nd page of Google and Bing, thanks to those persuasive CTA’s (call to actions) then it’s no wonder the office phone doesn’t stop ringing!

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