Sofa Factory Outlet

The Brief

Despite having a good brand reputation and bringing in business through referrals, our client was struggling to get enough online exposure. His main USP’s weren’t visible to the world and with an out-dated website, though the 10+ years of successful SEO work was bringing traffic to the site, nobody was converting into customers.

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The Creative Solution

Our web design Birmingham team decided that the site needed a fresh lick of paint. But first, we studied the personas and created customer journey maps to identify their main motivations and frustrations when wanting to buy a bespoke sofa. Once we knew this, we build a new website that spoke directly to each user’s needs.

Plus, the SEO Birmingham team knew through extensive keyword research, that people were searching for made to measure sofas for each sofa type. Therefore, planned landing pages for each sofa type, for example leather sofas and corner sofas, so that users will find the page through a search engine. Not to mention optimising the whole site with relevant high-volume keywords so we not only remained current rankings but improved them.

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The Result

From going live with the new site, we can see the user journey we predicted, working. Users are landing on the page we wanted them to from the keywords carefully selected to optimise for, then they are successfully completing the goal set; be it a visit to the sofa showroom or to call the number.

As well as completing a higher conversion rate for the main pages on the site, we achieved a high amount of new organic traffic for the ‘area’ pages that were improved. Each page was the service and the area, for example: custom made sofas Walsall.

Creative Ideaz are experts in targeting each user type by in which angle they want a product; see how we can help bring a new target market your way.  

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