Kirien Sangha, Search Engine Marketing

The word is out. It is the season of instant gratification. The new age is an age of moving fast. It’s an age of pulling those socks up and getting up and running. Speed is sometimes valued more than anything else. Run easy is the new mantra of the digital world. Here are some interesting statistics that have been reported this month from renowned marketing experts globally.

With regards to content creation, here is the latest on consumer behaviour:

1. A survey conducted by the Consumer Connection System (CSC) has discovered that 55% of British Internet users visit only two or three sites for their content needs. Surfing hundreds of sites for information is not done anymore. The top 5 sites used are: a. BBC b. Amazon c. Google d. ITV e. eBay 2. Close to 30% of the population felt overwhelmed when searching the internet for making purchase decisions. The next resort in this situation is to turn to friends and family to ask for recommendations.

With regards to performance of web pages, results revealed that:

More than half of the websites get viewed for less than 15 seconds  As many as 47% of the population expect a website to load in at most 2 seconds Web pages have become heavier with newer formats such as video and images sometimes creating disastrous user experiences. 40% will quit a site if it does not load within the first 3 seconds. The average size of a web page has grown 20% in the last six months. Images make up more than 50% of a web page. Average size of images in webpages is 1,000 KB.

With regards to customer experience, the statistics are:

80% of companies surveyed resonated with the statement, “our customer experience is our brand” 22% of online marketers feel that user experience is the most exciting trend for 2015 From a marketing agencies perspective, the news is: This generation of customer lives only for the moment. Purchase decisions are taken in the NOW, leaving very little preparation time. As a result, more than 30% of content marketers feel that lack of time is their biggest challenge. It is not surprising that 21% of B2B companies spend as many as 15 hours a week in collaborating with marketing services vendors. If this fast pace overwhelms you too, then engaging with a digital marketing agency like CreativeIdeaz will help you get out of this mayhem and madness! For a free quote, get in touch with us today at 01902 504 107 or email us at Reference: Marketing Profs  KISSmetrics