Search Engine Marketing

The Good News – 76% of global marketers increased their content marketing budgets in 2015. The Great News – 90% of the big performers use marketing automation tools as part of their strategy.

To successfully make the journey from good to great, here are a few unique and cost effective tools which actually deliver true results in every stage of your content-marketing process. These tools have been ranked based on various factors such as reviews, mobile apps, integrations, media presence, and security.

• Folloze:

Helps sales and marketing team to share personalized content with prospects, track interests and build a powerful customer experience. This application is extremely useful for small to large enterprises. Payment plans are spread across freemium and subscription options. The best part is that it is integrated with Jive, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SharePoint, LinkedIn, SlideShare and Gmail and offers just the right functions for organizing files, links, videos, links and emails from any source. You can also keep track of who viewed, commented, shared and contributed to your content. A great feature is the Analyze function where you can measure activity level by users, companies and content reach. This top ranked tool has a track record of assuring its customers of closing 30% more deals with its ultra smooth and sleek buying experience.

• Contentful:

The best part of this tool is that it makes it easy to publish and manage content across platforms. Primarily used by non-profit organization of large organizations, key features include a powerful RESTful JSON API, sophisticated search, filtering and upload options. Contentful is a create once, publish everywhere application that keeps content in a cloud repository which helps in simple scaling, stable uptime, and fast CDN. What’s more, you can connect this application with third-party services to extend its editorial features.

• Atipso:

This is a fantastic web tool to turn visitors into customers. A content creation application with an intuitive drag & drop interface, this one has proven to be useful to Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations and Small Business. This tool will help to combine your content from different sources and spread them through numerous channels online and offline. It saves you money on expensive agencies and programmers. It has a built in option to build contests; votings and polls to attract prospects. An intuitive WYSIWYG editor and a comfortable drag & drop function, makes creating pages a simple and fun activity.

When choosing any tool, you need to think differently and prepare a step by step action plan on what you want to achieve and which platform can help you achieve these objectives. For getting started with the best content management system to meet your needs, do get in touch with the experts at Creative Ideaz today.