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Almost everything we do revolves around the internet and it’s no different when it comes to business.

It’s never been more important for your business to have an online presence and have an effective digital marketing strategy in place to reach, enhance and grow your customer base. If your business isn’t online, then you are missing out on a whole world of potential customers.

Especially since over 87% of people in the UK made an online purchase in 2017. However, it’s not just about being online with your business, it’s about knowing how to be successful online. We’ve put together the ultimate guide on how to make your business successful online.

Content will always be king
It’s the famous saying that still rings true. Content is king. The content of your website is the core of what will make a potential customer commit to your desired call-to-action.
Your website could look amazing, as could your product, but if your content isn’t high quality, engaging and tailored to your audience, then you won’t get that follow-through.
Whether you want someone to buy a product, download an e-book, sign up for a newsletter or simply get in touch, your content needs to make them want to take that action.
Why is content king?

“Content is the backbone of any drive to interact with your customers or readers”.

Good quality content can benefit your business online in many ways. Some of these include:
–    It allows you to answer questions
–    Content speaks directly to customers
–    Content encourages loyalty to your business
–    Content opens a dialogue
–    Content sells your product or service
By producing quality content you not only provide your customers with valuable information, but you provide Google with valuable information which will help with your online presence and Google rankings.

One of Google’s top ranking factors is user experience which includes the use of relevant and high-quality content. This means that they consider what you are writing in your social media posts, web page content, blogs, articles etc. and use this as a factor to rank you on their pages.

It’s no surprise that the higher you rank in Google for certain key terms, then the greater your online visibility.

Below are some tips to enhance your content to help boost your business online.

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1. Content helps boost your SEO which helps boost your online viability and the chances of your business being a success online. It’s therefore important you make all your content original. Don’t copy and paste the content you’ve found on the web. Google can pick up on duplicate content and will penalise you for it.

2. Make sure your content provides an answer. Content should be informative and engaging, but in a business sense, most people are reading content for the answer to some sort of question. Content that helps users will help your business online.

3. Keep your content updated. If people enter a website and they’ve seen that the blog hasn’t posted in months or weeks, or that an offer is being advertised that is no longer valid, then they will lose trust in that website. Make sure your content is accurate and that you are continually updating it with new and relevant information.

4. Don’t forget about SEO. SEO is a massive arena, but your content is vital to helping you rank online. Consider keywords, long-tail keywords and remember that if you are attempting to rank for a specific term that you can’t over-do it. Make it natural and if it doesn’t fit, remove it.
A mobile responsive website is crucial

80% of those who use the internet own a smartphone, and over 50% of mobile users say they wouldn’t recommend a business who has a poorly-designed mobile website. These statistics reflect how crucial it is that your website is mobile-friendly.

Below we listed some things you need to do to create an effective mobile-friendly website with a successful online presence.

1. Create a simple yet effective mobile landing page Mobile landing pages should be two things: minimalist and include a strong call-to-action that’s positioned at the top of the page to grab instant attention. This can be related to your desired call-to-action such as a “download now” or “buy” button. 

2. Size matters When you are creating a website for mobile, you need it to fit the screen perfectly to create a streamlined, professional look and feel. You will also want to ensure that your website is developed specifically for mobile search. Many businesses make the mistake of simply creating a smaller version of their desktop website and refitting it for a mobile screen. This is the wrong thing to do.  Firstly it will make your website appear amateur and low quality, which doesn’t reflect well on your brand. It also doesn’t help with your Google relationship. As mentioned above, Google wants you to showcase user-friendly web design, and if your website is difficult to navigate on a mobile and reduces user experience, then your rankings will be affected negatively. 

3. Ensure your overall web design is responsive A responsive website is key to ensuring your customers have a good experience and return to your website again, or even recommend it to others. The quality of your website will also represent your brand. If your website is low-quality, then people automatically take a bad impression of your business as low quality, so to enhance your brand development, it’s important there is consistency throughout all aspects of your marketing strategies, both offline and online.

You will need to take into account things such as page load speeds, the amount of ads on your website and of course how easy it is to navigate. All these factors are also taken into account by Google.
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Develop an effective social media marketing strategy

Social media is crucial to any business nowadays. Over 90% of businesses use social media to promote their product or business, so if you are not one of them yet, then it’s something you should consider.

Below are some tips to help you make a success of your business online with the use of social media. 

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1. Quality not quantity Don’t think that because lots of different social media platforms exist that you need to use ALL of them. Some businesses fit better on different social media platforms. Almost any business can benefit from a Facebook page, and businesses which offer visually appealing products or services will find great use in Instagram. Twitter is a great platform for customer service. Treat all your channels as individual entities and tailor your social media strategy for each differently.

2. Create an effective timetable Create a social media schedule. This means creating a content calendar for the month and ensuring you are posting regular, engaging content, responding to queries and generally ensuring you are active online. You can use resources such as Google Docs to help plan your strategy and use automated posting platforms such as Hootsuite to help schedule your social media. Don’t rely on these too much, but they can help create a backbone for your social media strategy. 

3. Take on advertising The big 3, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer you the opportunity to advertise on their platform. This is the perfect way to grow your online presence and reach new customers. With Facebook advertising you can tailor your audience down to their interests, location and age group, ensuring you use targeted ads that prove more effective.

There are lots of ways to choose to advertise too – you can create an effective picture campaign, or even make use of video. Video is an extremely effective digital marketing tool as it allows you to convey complex ideas in an easy to understand interactive form. This ability to engage with potential customers both via audio and visually to showcase a marketing message is powerful.
Try pay-per-click advertising

PPC advertising is a great way to make a success of your business online. It can help you achieve business goals. Almost any type of conversion goal can be tracked via PPC and it’s a powerful tool for aligning website traffic to their end-goal.

The fact that you can track PPC means you can see what is working and what isn’t working so you can create an ad that is directly beneficial and effective for your business. It also allows you quicker exposure.

Search engine optimisation is the long-game, but if you’re just starting out then PPC lets you quickly cast a wide net to find new customers and increase your online presence.
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