What’s happening with my Local Search rankings?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
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Rav Sanghera
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Google rolled out an update in November 2019 that had Google My Business listings affected worldwide.

This update was in line with the neutral matching AI system that Google began using in 2018 and has seen many local rankings change for businesses.

Why did Google do this?

They wanted to better understand how users search even when searches lack description and business names. Google wants to provide the best local results for user queries, to provide them with the answers they were looking for, without the need to use specific keyword searches and instead, use questions and statements.

Although your business rankings may be affected by this new update, Google state that this an update for them to better offer results to users' queries - in particular, to produce right results to ambiguous searches. Google have stated that this is still valid to ensuring your Google my business list will be ranked correctly and found easily https://support.google.com/business/answer/7091

The AI system that Google introduced and are using in their new update is always updating and changing to ensure that it is providing the best results. The system works in a similar fashion to synonyms. Neutral matching helps Google better relate the words users are searching to relevant results.

business goal

This new update is something that will help Googles ensure that there is a better understanding on searches. You may see more fluctuations in your rankings further, but the end goal is to ensure that all users looking for your business or services are able to find it regardless of how they search or what they search.

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Rav Sanghera

UX Researcher @ Creative Ideaz