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An alarming statistic was revealed this week. 61% of mobile users said that they would not return to a mobile site if they did not have a satisfying first visit. What is more alarming is Google’s support in this direction. As of today, Google is more biased towards sites that support mobile access. Google has published a clear mobile first guideline for web publishers. What is surprising is that some phenomenal websites that are not yet mobile ready may lose out to competitors, due to a lower ranking on Google’s search engine. Such is the nature of the current internet and mobile ecosystem. For this form of mobile digital media to be successful, the recommendation is to have a page load in a minimum of 1s on a smart phone. What is useful though is the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool. This tool is specially created for webmasters to analyze their website performance on the mobile and the web. The tool gives suggestions on how page load time can be optimized and other tips and tricks for a smoother user experience. The good news for most creative folks is that the technical details can be outsourced to a professional IT team that is proficient in handling mobile issues. As a digital marketing professional, one need not worry on the peculiarities of Android displays vs BlackBerry displays. What is important though is for businesses to understand the need for enabling mobile access to their users. If not done already, this should be item number one on the priority list for 2015. Here are some more interesting statistics for those using the web as a business generation platform. 1. If you are using an email marketing newsletter as part of your lead generation campaign then you need to know this: • 62% of All Email is accessed on a Mobile Device • 95% of Email is Read on a Single Device. The probability of a user first opening emails on their phone and then going back and reading them on desktop is rare, no matter how interesting your content may be. 2. Considering you already have an internet based digital marketing program up and running, adding the mobile channel can help you reap exponential benefits at very little additional costs. For example: • Redemption for a Mobile Offer is 10 times more than that of a Print Offer • Customer Satisfaction is at a peak of 90% for Mobile Loyalty Programs. For those still waiting in the wings to launch their mobile initiatives, the best time to do it is NOW. And we can help. References: