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The Brief

ISL Waste came to us with a problematic website. The user journey was a mess, nothing made sense and it wasn’t optimised for search. They were getting no lead generation from the website or any ROI and didn’t understand the potential a website could have for their business.

That’s why our SEO Birmingham and web design Birmingham tied into one was the perfect project plan.

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The Creative Solution

We decided to work on the two fields CRO and SEO Birmingham as they both share the same goal: optimisation. The design team firstly re-designed the whole website so it would convert more users into customers as it improved the user journey and trust building with elements such as testimonials from customers and ‘who we work with’ logos. Whilst the design was being completed both teams worked together to add keyword rich content to add onto the site which helped to target more customers looking for the skip hire service. A lot of people wanted to book a skip hire online, so we implemented a booking system onto the site and optimised for the keyword relevant to people wanting this.

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The Result

One of the key tools that Google determines your rankings are “spiders” who crawl a web page. So, by including the keyword phrases naturally within the metadata and content, we successfully ranked ISL for them in a competitive industry, all because we knew exactly what the personas wanted.From 0 leads, to nearly 60, ISL are constantly picking up their phone, as this is the call to action our SEO company Birmingham identified was easiest for the user.

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