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ISL Waste Services

The Creative Solution

When your website isn’t creating any enquires or leads you start to think, then what is the point of my website? This was the same with ISL, so, our team started the process of understanding how users move through the site, what actions they take and what’s stopping them from completing set goals, such as filling out a form or booking a waste service online. If the people visiting your site aren’t achieving the goal you intended them to achieve in the first place…they’re not converting.By doing effective customer journey analysis, we found out that the audience wanted to find better and more reliable waste removal solutions for their business, with savings. From this we decided that there needed to be more information on the site about services and prices, to give trustworthiness and for it to look better.

The previous site was a little outdated and boring, so we re-designed it to be more fitting to their brand guidelines. We also added a FAQ’s section for the users who have burning questions to ask. We added popular questions asked by previous customers that might help and all the user would feel to do now is to book a service if their needs are fulfilled. And to do so, we created an easily online booking system to help the buying process flow for the user.

The Result

It’s all well to convert a site so that it meets the users’ needs, but how will people see it? Analytics showed us that the site in 2017 wasn’t meeting goals, organic impressions and was ranked 0 for selected keywords. Conversion Optimisation and SEO work hand in hand together and can produce outstanding results when done the right way. Whilst most people generate leads, then try and convert customers, we decided to reserve-engineer this funnel. We thought, by starting with the customer we eliminate the entire problem of a bigger irrelevant audience.

As you can see this from our results, the amount of sessions decreased but impressions, goals completed, and the average time spent all increased. This showed us that the changes we made during our conversion optimisation made a difference, especially then search engine optimising the website’s content increasing the keyword ranking by 17(^83) from 0.

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