It is a visual world. And those businesses that quickly started experimenting with Infographics is now moving on to the realm of Gifo-graphics. Studies show that search volumes have increased by an astounding 800% for content comprising info-graphics. The new entrant on the scene – Gifographics – an animated sibling of the infographic is gaining popularity and is being used by leading professional digital marketers today. If you are planning to venture into the gifo-graphics territory, here are a few pros and cons to be aware of:


Studies show that the human mind perceives, receives, recollects and retains 90% of information based on visual impact alone. In an age where people are complaining of information overload, a simple gifo-graphic can communicate more effectively in those areas where even sometimes multiple pages of content falls short.
When compared to text, a gifo-graphic provides user friendly sharing for those brands where viewership is of prime importance. If your goal is to create viral quality content, then the gifo-graphic technique is the first thing that should come to your mind.


The biggest drawback of going for this kind of solution is the image file size. High definition good quality images are a pleasure to the eye – Moving versions of these images are even more pleasurable – the only hit that you need to take is on the load time. Definitely a better option as compared to videos, use gifo-graphics after carefully studying the bandwidth and browser probabilities of your target audience.
This is a catch 22 situation that expert content marketers have now learnt to manoeuvre to their advantage. When you use text – you have the advantage of being more visible on search engines and allowing your customers to reach you through the typical search route. With gifo-graphics, content and animations used in the images will not be available to most algorithms and hence you need to take extra steps to market your gifo-graphic (additional data, marketing it through blogs and articles etc.), and to ensure that your work of art receives the kind of attention that it truly deserves. If the pros far outweigh the cons for your brand or service, then going the gifo-graphics way is truly a route that guarantees returns to its proponents. For more content generation ideas and digital marketing initiatives, do get in touch with some of the best brains of UK’s advertising industry at Creative Ideaz. References: Content Marketing Institute, Quick Sprout, Daily SEO Blog, Search Engine Journal