The Brief

If your business has ever invested into expensive IT equipment for the office, you’ll appreciate GEEX’s IT leasing products allowing you spread payments across an affordable amount of time.

This is what their target audience was looking for in a brand, so we wanted to give it to them through our SEO services Birmingham, as they weren’t an established brand online yet.

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The Creative Solution

From Apple Mac’s to Windows PC’s, we were able to optimise blog landing pages to help educate users in why they should choose to lease not buy, in turn showing them products that would help their business fly high whilst payments stay low.

When doing keyword research, we also identified a target market who knew about the power of leasing and were searching for companies that offered leased devices. Because of this, Creative Ideaz leading SEO company Birmingham, optimised product pages with those keywords so they found GEEX.

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The Result

With nearly 200 first page ranked keywords that bring GEEX high quality visitors for each phrase, Creative Ideaz were able to do this within only 1-3 months! The phrase searched by 5,400 people monthly in the UK, ‘laptops on finance’, drives at most 250 users to click from Google – Imagine how many people converted into customers in that year alone?

In addition, imagine how much this many clicks would have cost if we were to do so using Google AdWords (PPC)? However, SEO Birmingham was able to deliver the same high-achieving results all at a lesser cost for GEEX – maximising value!

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