Online marketers are required to create engaging web content and gear up brand visibility to target nearly 1228.5 million online shoppers across the world. PHP is the most extensively used server sided scripting language for creating and developing winning websites. There are nearly 240 million websites developed on PHP programming – this includes Facebook and WordPress. PHP is widely used by programmers as it is loaded with wide band of easy to use frameworks, comprehensive documentation and effective ready to use scripts. Moreover, PHP finely incorporates MYSQL, which facilitates easy, improved and faster database coupling- an effective speed booster for online transactions. Thus PHP enormously improves the quality of the web pages. There are scores of PHP tools which are lifesavers for programmers as it further refines the level of PHP programming and thereby ensures top quality in web design. Here are the few essential must-have PHP tools to build excellent web designs and thereby increase web traffic.

1. Debugging Tools: PHP debugging tools effectively stop code executions, dissect and identify problem areas any time. On time debugging ensures smooth functioning of the webpage at all times. A few popular debugging tools are:

    PHP MD: retrieves the source code and detects errors in it. Errors are resolved with the help of its predefined set of rules.     KINT: another popular debugger and very easy to use and extremely powerful enough to tackle major coding errors.     PINBA: is an open source MYSQL storage engine that enables programmers to scrutinize the performance of their PHP script, locate blocks in real time and rectify the code that need correction.

2. Security Tools: these PHP tools enable system analysts to track and detect weak points in programs which if not rectified can lead to spam and abuse later when run on real time. Some powerful security tools are:

    PHP-ID: is easy to use, detailed and quick and over the edge security scanner for PHP developed web apps and pages. PHP-ID ensures high speed vulnerability detection and helps to clear outdated libraries, layout issues and accessibility.     Pixy: a Java program that detects vulnerabilities in XSS and SQL injections into the web page. Pixy accepts PHP web program as an input and makes a detailed report on possible weak spots within the program.

3. Image Manipulation and Graphs: these powerful PHP tools enables web developers to create eye-catching web graphs and charts based on comprehensive data. Major Image Manipulation and Graphic tools are:

    Magic Wand: this tool enables PHP access to Image Magic API, to create, edit and compose bitmap images. Developers can incorporate different kinds of special effects to images like flip, mirror, rotate, scale, and draw text and so on.     pChart- this tool is available free online and provides multiple ways of building charts and graphs from single or multiple data.     WideImage: is an object oriented PHP library used for regular image operations. This PHP tool provides developers with easy and quick method of loading and saving images from/to files, databases, uploads and URL addresses.

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