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The Brief

E-Liquit is an online provider of a “Stop-Smoking Plan” – A detailed and ongoing package designed to help its users quit the habit of smoking via the creation of a bespoke plan to gradually wean the user off smoking and onto E-Cigarettes, as well as to gradually ease them off Nicotine.
Having already created an in-depth business plan and carried out detailed research into their target audience, the client required an online platform to promote the services they were offering to maximise the reach of their service to a nationwide basis.

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The Creative Solution

As a online provider of E-Cigarette products, the client noticed that whilst these products are readily available in every town, there was no option alongside this to help the user to quit smoking – So opted to create an online subscription-based package which helps the smoker to ease themselves off the habit over a set period.

The client wants to target an average of 100 customers per quarter for the first year, followed by an average of around 50 customers per quarter for the second year, targeting an annual revenue of approximately £1.8M by the end of year 2.

The Result

Followed our consultation and discovery phase, we proceeded to build an online platform with a variety of features including resources and Help guides for those wishing to quit smoking, an online calculator for users to work out how much they could save by switching to E-Cigarettes, as well as a Subscription option for users to begin their Stop-Smoking Plan, all of which were targeted to our target audiences of those wishing to quit smoking.

We worked closely with the client to achieve the desired result, building online interactive versions of various resources they had access to, including the Online Calculator and Subscription form, with each element tailored to speak directly to their target audience.

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