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What do the numbers have to say for the e-Commerce industry in Europe? Sales statistics were extremely encouraging for all those who took the bold step to go the online route. Research reveals that total sales grew from 131.61 billion euro to 156.26 billion euro in 2014. The forecast is that the industry will witness a growth rate of 18.4% in 2015. Offline sales are expected to drop by a 1.4%. Here are some other interesting research numbers to note: • Europe Markets as Compared to the US: The online retail industry in the US is worth 224 billion Euro as compared to 156 billion Euro in Europe. Even though the US market is larger in size, the expectation for 2015 and 2016 is that it will grow at a rate of 14%, as compared to the 18% prediction for the European industry. • Country Wise Results: The top 3 countries that are pro e-Commerce are Britain, Germany and France. Close to one third of the e-Commerce sales are reported from UK with the British population promising results of 61.84 billion euro in 2015. In Germany, the industry is looking at 52.79 billion euro as compared to the 36 billion euro estimate for France. • Spotlight on SMEs in UK: Even though UK has a good growth rate forecast, what is of deep concern to many industry veterans is that there are still 1.2 million SMEs that are completely unexposed to the digital world. This is about 25% of the 5 million small businesses in the UK. These companies, some of which have exceptional talent, are losing out on the opportunity of interacting with better suppliers and reaching out to customers globally. • Benefits for Charities: UK has a tremendous spirit for giving and takes its charitable organizations very seriously. Even though the benefits of a digital reach are significant, not all charities are convinced that a website and a social media campaign can increase their funding. Only 42% of all of UK’s charities claim to have basic digital skills and use the internet to spread their cause. • The Way Forward: The good news is that there is room for growth for everyone. More established organizations are looking for that new spark of innovation that will make their online experience stand out from the rest. Those who already have web enabled stores are now willing to spread their wings to different mediums such as mobile applications. Those that are not exposed to basic online shopping are now taking the first step of setting up an e-Store. Along with the e-Store, internet and ground advertising is essential for the e-Store to get noticed amongst the magnitudes of the global internet population. • A Comprehensive Strategy: At Creative Ideaz UK, our team of professionals work in collaboration with you to identify the best digital solutions based on your business needs. Our services range from websites development, e-Commerce setup, digital branding and social media marketing to rich media initiatives, analytical intelligence, training and development. References: Ecommerce News, The Guardian