Search Engine Marketing

How do you reach out to a generation that was born in the digital age? A generation that thrives on speed, on everything smart, on aiming for superlative success. The New Age Millennials, typically born between 1980 and 2000 are a tough lot to please. Here is an insight into the millennial mind, giving you the right direction when targeting a product or service for this bright and crazy set of people!

•  Millennials are choosy. They will only read what they like. They are not shy to publicly express their likes and dislikes. •  They are looking to learn from their brands. The NewsCred Millennial Survey indicated that 31% of the millennial community will buy from a brand which teaches them something through their content. They want intelligent and thought provoking content and are the first to shun boring and so called ‘stupid’ content. •  They have short attention spans. It is true, they live in a super-fast paced world. Anything too long and it will have a negative impact on this crowd. The content needs to be crisp, precise and relevant for getting a thumbs up from them. •  They want fun and adventure. Over 69% of this generation think themselves as adventurous. Take them away from their daily routine life and you win their acceptance and acknowledgement. •  They like Google and Facebook when they are looking for content. They will rarely go to LinkedIn or Pinterest. •  They will buy from a brand that is doing something for the larger good. 37% of Millennials are receptive to cause marketing. They genuinely care for causes like Gender Equality, LGBT, Sustainability, Animal Rescue and Poverty Elimination. Brands that have got it right on this front are the “Inspire Her Mind” campaign from Verizon which highlights the discrepancy in higher education between men and women and the “One for One” program by Tom’s which helps a person in need with every product purchased.

The top three takeaways for millennial marketing:

•  More than 50% will share content if it’s related to a cause they believe in. •  More than 60% will share content if it’s thought provoking. •  More than 70% will share content if it’s funny!

The forecast says that by 2020, this lively bunch will have more than $1.4 trillion of spending power. That means marketers have no choice but to learn how to adapt their messages to cater towards their needs. The best time to wake up and start working towards this is NOW. If you have a brand that wants to win over the millennials, get in touch with us at Creative Ideaz for a cup of tea and some interesting marketing strategies. References: Forbes, NewsCred