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Did you know that colour is one of the simplest ways of achieving effective branding? The results of using the right colours for marketing brochures, online shops, websites and videos have been absolutely phenomenal. Here are some useful must-knows for creative teams that are serious about their branding initiatives. Gender Dynamics: Colour preference studies noted by Joe Hallock highlight the following interesting results:

  Blue is the most preferred colour for both men (42%) and women (35%)   Similarly, orange is the least preferred colour for both men (33%) and women (22%)   Purple is surprisingly favoured amongst women, and significantly avoided by men

Age Dynamics:

  Blue is the most preferred colour amongst all age groups, right from 0 to 70+   After blue, white is the next preferred for the 70+ generation, with green being the next best for age groups up to 50   Purple and red are next best for age groups of 18 to 69

The Luxury Factor:

  For brands that symbolize wealth and luxury, gold, silver and purple are the most favoured colours

The Isolation Effect:

  Colour contrasting is the easiest way to make elements stand out in a design. The best way to use this technique is for call to action elements, for example ‘Submit’ buttons. A bright red button on a light blue background is one of the most effective methods of creating action elements on a web page.

The Colour Code: Some colours are known to invoke familiar behaviours and emotions among people. Though there may not be too much scientific backing, marketing gurus have known to use these colour secrets in their successful campaigns from ages. Hot pink – is on the top of the list for youth, femininity and high energy target customers Blue – Even though a popular colour, it is known to suppress appetite and should be avoided for marketing food Red – This colour is known to be the best for food marketing as it stimulates hunger Green – A great colour for environmental and medicinal products Yellow – A happy go lucky colour that symbolizes sunshine. Goes well for CSR campaigns and children related products and services Getting that online cash register ringing may not be as difficult as you think it is – provided you are tuned in to the tips and tricks of the trade. For a complete makeover of your online business, do get in touch with the experts at Creative Ideaz today.