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Some folks like to be en-vogue all the time. If you are one of those who think that being in line with current trends is sacrosanct, you probably look to change your web content with every changing season. Here are some haute couture web design tricks that guarantee to keep you shining in 2015’s limelight.      •  Google’s Material Design: Microsoft and Apple introduced the new flat design concept. Flat has now become the new black with Google’s expansion of the concept with its Material Design guidelines. Their design goal is to “Create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” With material design, designers aim to create a unified user experience irrespective of devices and platforms. This unique design provides for input via touch, keyboard, mouse and voice channels.   •  Responsive Typography: If you are not already using responsive typography then you are surely in need of a glamorous make over. Fluid design has been around for a while now. Gone are the days of dirty spillovers, asymmetrical spacing and unreadable breakages due to varying screen sizes and resolutions. With responsive typography, you get to work with modern fonts and colours and experience the pleasure of self-adjusting line heights and lengths based on the display area. Themed typography that tells a story about your product is also gaining momentum amongst trendy web designers today. For those looking for neat and clean web design, responsive text can go a long way in creating just the perfect visual backdrop for your content.   •  Hand Drawn Illustrations: Combine creative doodles with the digital medium and you can create a visual treat with a brilliantly human touch. Artistic expression has made its way to websites and is now a trend worth watching out for. Be it in the form of poster type headlines, cartooning, cultural motifs or plain old statistical diagrams, hand drawn elements give websites a definitive character that makes it stand out as compared to the regular jazzy digital overdose.   •  Card-based Design: A card is the new digital canvas for web designers. Highly popularized by big names such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, cards is the in-thing these days for creating cool websites. Very much like a credit card or a visiting card, this design element is great for including individual categorized clickable content that acts as a gateway for further user engagement. Being in trend is a good thing. It keeps you in tune with what’s going on in the world. It helps you to appreciate new ideas and let go of old ways that no longer work. At Creative Ideaz, we work together with you to highlight the best in your products or services in tune with the latest trends in content and web design. References: Entrepreneur