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Cloud collaboration is the latest evolving method of business teamwork that enables employees to work simultaneously on related files, docs, projects and other data types from a central Cloud storage. Cloud collaboration is irrefutably the current rage among business enterprises, especially for small and mid-sized units. This is majorly due to its proven capability to bring together varied and dispersed business teams across the world, at real time, at the most affordable rates, thereby bringing down onsite deployment costs. As per a study conducted in 2014 by Intuit and Emergent Research, nearly 78% of business enterprises across the world would switch to cloud computing by 2020. Another study conducted by Software Advice reveals that business enterprises are slowly shifting base to web based applications for their project requirements. Cloud computing provides a host of services such as online data storage, computing payments and billables, and tracking project deadlines, among others. But despite the major advantages it offers, there are still hordes of small business units and start-ups yet to leverage its returns. Listed below are few effective reasons for small businesses to completely step in to the cloud bandwagon.

1. Adequately cost effective: One of the significant advantages of cloud based computing is that it considerably reduces costs as it embraces the pay-as-you-go pricing model. You need to pay only for the amount of cloud resources you have used in a month. Moreover, cloud collaboration significantly reduces IT costs that otherwise wipe away a lion’s share of the budget of small enterprises. Hardware and software upgrades are constantly provided by cloud services and its various related apps for a small fraction of the budget allotted for onsite deployment. You can also reduce the number of IT staff in your organisation as you will not require their services for constant upgrades and maintenance.

2. Effective team work: Cloud based computing allows team workers to effectively connect from different workstations and work simultaneously on the same doc or project. Team workers can make the required updates real-time and even exchange ideas and comments. Google Docs is the most basic of the collaborative tools available. The cloud tool allows live updates to the documents created and also lists out the changes done on the document apart from automatic saves and remote access from any place at any time. And it’s absolutely free. Basecamp, Nutcache and Huddle are few other collaborative tools that let you work with remote team members all the while tracking costs, deadlines and tasks.

3. Proficient scalability: One of the best advantages of cloud computing is the easy scalability and flexibility it offers at minimal cost. For small start-ups, it’s always the add-ons that often increase as the business grows. You can increase the number of users and the extra workload with considerable ease and finely blend it with the present resources. It is also possible to downsize the added resources as and when demand decreases.

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