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When OnePlus was launching its new mobile handset, it was looking for a marketing strategy that would take it to the big league of smart-phone players such as Apple, Samsung and Motorola. Knowing that an all out global media campaign required vast amount of capital, OnePlus decided to break the boundaries and do something different. In a revolutionary marketing campaign, OnePlus received a phenomenal boost in sales revenues and brand recognition. What were the path breaking media strategies that this brave organization adopted? Niche Audience: The makers of this phone were clear that there was a distinct audience that would find significant value in this product. The marketing strategy was then targeted solely to this genre of people using the most creative of ways. For example, in order to reach out to this target audience, an alliance was formed with Cyanogen Inc., a group that has some of the most elitist custom ROM developers for the android platform. Using Word Power: In a cost effective move, the company maximized the used of online technology publications such as Engadget, Android Authority, Tech Crunch and GSM Arena by creating product based articles and viral news that spread rapidly on social networks. Given the buzz that was created, even renowned publications like Forbes, Telegraph, The Verge and CNET started researching about the phone and announced it as one of the recommended phones for 2014. Creating Exclusivity: The ‘being exclusive’ is a territory that a select few can operate in. Having already established an excellent distribution channel, One Plus was in a zone where it could now take the next risk of going exclusive. It decided to sell the phone using an invite-only strategy, immediately creating hype and a premium on availability. They hit a home run with this approach, and won the respect and appreciation of the tech geeks around the world. The other, and probably one of the most outstanding benefits of this strategy was that there was no unnecessary pressure on manufacturing that gets created during peak demands. Product quality standards could be easily maintained as customers were now willing to wait until the product was ready for shipment. Key Takeaways: The success of this kind of digital marketing can be substantiated by the astounding statistics of 25.6M visits in December 2014, one year after the official launch of the website. The flipside of this campaign: Responding to customer feedback and queries real-time across multiple social media channels. The company was just not prepared to deal with the torrent of inputs that came pouring in all together. Given that there are always unforeseen challenges in new ventures, it still does not take away from them the glory of being pioneers in creating new avenues in the world of digital marketing. If you too are looking for new ways to market and brand your products and services, then the marketing experts at CreativeIdeaz are waiting to hear from you!