2015 is witnessing a momentous interest in the creation, publication and distribution of video based content. While video has already established its popularity on the social sharing front, there is a new awareness in the corporate world on the effectiveness of digital video for product branding. Here are the top three strategies adopted by digital agencies for effectively using videos in marketing campaigns. » Video on Landing Page: This is a great way to increase viewership and brand recognition. Industry experts believe that 60% of viewers prefer viewing a video rather than reading about a company as soon as they enter the website. Some agencies have data to indicate that the click rate is 3 times more if there is a video on the landing page. » Smart Phones and Tablets: According to Forbes magazine, in 2015, 20% of the total video content will be watched on smart phones. This trend is predicted to grow to an enormous 87% by 2018. Watching videos on the go is easy and convenient, and has special affinity with the Gen Y workforce. Videos designed for smart phone users are shorter in length and with fewer text captions and call to action links as compared to web videos. » Highlighting a Social Cause: Corporate Social Responsibility is now on the value list of almost all organizations, irrespective of their size and scale. Universally, all organizations do their bit in promoting awareness, raising funds and organizing events for environment and humanitarian causes. Although many organizations keep corporate videos focused on their products and services, a few bold organizations are leading the way on using marketing budgets towards CSR oriented videos. Along with the creative benefits received from the use of videos, there are other advantages that catch the CEO’s eye when deciding to go forward with the video strategy. Cost Factor: With the advent of new tools and technologies, video production costs have declined in the last few years, leading to increased adoption. Data Factor: As compared to television and print mediums, videos make it easy to gather key demographic information for understanding customer preferences. Sharing Factor: Loyal users are more likely to share video content when affirming brands that they like. Knowing what works for your brand will help you make an informed choice on going the corporate video way. For the right recommendations for your brand, do get in touch with the insightful team at Creative Ideaz. References: Forbes