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Social media and digital marketing are the latest buzz words everywhere. Marketers are known to dish out jazz at the drop of a hat, and unfortunately, over the years the content industry has been a witness to this over abuse of surface jargon without substantial facts. No wonder that conversion does not happen at the rate it is intended to. Some interesting industry statistics on consumer behavior that you would like to know: • 61% will research a product or service online before making a purchase decision • As per the Search Engine Journal, the closure rate is a negligible 14.6% for SEO based initiatives • Outbound marketing such as print campaigns or direct mailers has only a 1.7% closure rate So what is it that gets people to read messages but take no corresponding actions? This is a question that is being debated by experienced marketing professionals globally. News is that 2015 seems to be the year where solutions to the problems seem to be appearing. Some of the key takeaways for those hopping on the content marketing bandwagon are: 1. Humanized Marketing: Formal stiff collared presentations and messaging are being overridden by emotional content that reaches out to people’s hearts, not minds. A great example of this kind of marketing is the Nescafe video ad campaign that has broken all records in viral marketing. Having a simple and yet attractive visible marketing symbol such as the Red Mug greatly helps in connecting people to this brand. Brands that understand human behavior and highlight positive emotions like victory, romance, self esteem, philanthropy are considered to be authentic and will stand out as the leaders in 2015. 2. Quality over Quantity: The content marketing industry is getting a clear signal to focus on qualitative aspects rather than just blindly following numbers. Over the last couple of years, the industry has started its journey towards innovation and creativity. 3. Analytic Indicators: While qualitative aspects surely need focus, the use of intelligent analytics to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Return on Investment (ROI) and conversion trends are very much part of digital marketing endeavor. The market is seeing a number of intuitive tools to ease the job of measurement and provide decision makers with real time data on performance and patterns. Contact the industry leaders at Creative Ideaz for optimizing your content marketing strategy towards the coveted goal of every CEO – conversion. Reference: