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Brand Creation Agency Birmingham

We all judge books by their covers, and it is the same with brands. It only takes a few seconds to win someone over, so getting your brand identity right from the off is serious business.

Branding Strategy

Top Google rankings, memorable content, and a brand identity that matches the product are not down to a game of chance. It takes time and skill to pitch these elements just right – that is where our branding agency steps in.

We specialise in crafting brands from scratch. That means we cover everything from your company logo design to your website (and everything in between).

So whether you are just starting out and want a website that wows, or you are looking to build your client base by upping your online visibility, Creative Ideaz can help. We have a skilled team of graphic design and web gurus who will work hard to sculpt your perfect brand and website.

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Gaining a Top Online Presence 
Requires so Much 
More Than Just an 
Attractive Website, that is 
Where our Brand Creation 
Can Help.
Our Process
Step 1
Branding Strategy

Think of our branding strategy like a Sat Nav and you will be on the right track. We will take you from A to B by the best route possible. That is because we understand what is needed to get you there. We research in and around your market niche, dissect customer behaviours and trends, and find out how your brand is viewed. All of this information means we are in the best position possible to feedback recommended steps, goals, and actions to take to ensure you start getting noticed.

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Step 2
Brand Identity

This is the part where our branding agency (in London, Birmingham and Wolverhampton) works their magic to weave all the elements of your brand into one cohesive whole. It is everything from the images and the colours of your website, to the font type you use, and the tone of voice of your copy. When all of these parts come together they create a brand that your audience will connect with and remember (often without having to try).

Step 3
Business Positioning

Now we have got to know your brand, your potential audience, and your brand goals, we can get to work on the business positioning aspect. This is all about where your product lies in relation to other similar products out there, and how and who it is pitched at. Because our branding strategy is so in-depth, we are able to ensure the business positioning of your brand is just right.

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Step 4

The messaging stage is all about firming up everything that is gone before and collating it all together. (And you thought we were going to start talking about SMS). At this point we will have your business positioning set, your vision and goals determined, and we will make sure it matches with your desired audience. We will also have sorted out your brand is tone of voice so that from now on in your brand communicates in a consistent style using language that is right for it.

Step 5
Brand Roll-Out

This is the part where – after all that hard work – your brand gets its fanfare. It is the cutting of the red tape, and the unleashing of your brand across online and offline channels. You will have had the expertise of our graphic design agency, branding specialists, and web creatives crafting everything from your logo design for the UK market, to tone of voice for your brand. This is when things really take off…

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Our Work

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