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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends this Holiday Season

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Christmas shopping in UK is expected to rise by 4%, reaching a high of £42.2bn with online retail sales projected at £13bn. Consultancy firm Deloitte predicts £15bn of sales will be influenced by digital research that customers may do on their tablets, phones and laptops before they decide what to buy and the best place to buy it from. This means retailers need to be more aggressive in using effective digital marketing to identify and communicate with and win over potential customers. Below, we share five trends seen in online marketing this festival season.

1. Mobile shopping: Mobile shopping has seen a consistent rise the last couple of years. Now, with the arrival of 4G, speed and connectivity issues that plagued mobile shopping earlier are no longer an issue. This year, online retail sales via mobile is expected to grow by 62%. So, retailers who have invested wisely in mobile apps and mobile advertising may now see a considerable return on investment.

2. Pop-up stores: This year has seen a trend in online retailers opening up temporary stores to enable customers to get a sample view of their products and get a feel of the actual product before making the purchase. These stores are great points for networking with customers, collaborating with bloggers and social influencers, collecting customer information and creating a loyal customer base. Amazon and Zappos are prominent online retailers who have opened pop-up stores.

3. Integrated marketing strategies: Many retailers are levering all channels – online, mobile and in-store to offer customers a seamless shopping experience. Flexible delivery methods include ‘click and collect’ (selecting a product online and collecting it from the nearest store) and giving customers the option to pay for and collect online products at the local stores without shipping charges.

4. Targeted marketing through single customer view: A single customer view entails collating and maintaining a single repository of all known data of a customer. This helps in categorizing customers into different consumer groups and using channels like email marketing and mobile advertising to effectively target a select group.

5. Location based marketing: This integrates mobile advertising with location based services to provide location specific advertisements to customers. Push notifications alert customers who are in close proximity to new products, sales and discounts. This is of great relevance in the holiday season where stores see higher footfall.

Adopting the above recent trends in digital marketing could help businesses to be more customer-centric and get an edge over their competition. Want help? Talk to the digital marketing experts at Creative Ideaz. We can help reach, attract and convert your target market.



Posted by Kurt on December 3rd, 2014

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