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Rich Media is an absolute essential on the list of most digital marketing strategists this year. The industry is witnessing an evolution and consumers have now become attuned to viewing interactive, animated videos.

For those who like the concept of rich media, but don’t know where to get started, here is a list of pointers on the use of rich media for your business needs.

1. Superlative Visuals: Yes, you better believe it. Good looks are always in, no matter which century you live in. Your videos must have the right feel to it. The right mix of colors, textures, locations, models, props, cars, lights can greatly enhance the visual experience for the viewers. Top up the brilliant visuals with some great audio and you have an attractive package to offer.

2. Get Real: Testimonials from real world customers talking about their real experiences of your product or service are a sure winner. This strategy is very much here to stay since it gives a genuine touch to your marketing campaign. An added benefit is that consumers feel part of the product when expressing themselves over an audio visual medium as compared to when giving feedback over an internet form. Natural is the way to go. There is a possibility that hi-tech studio created marketing glitz will be replaced by homegrown smart phone created content. It is cheap, it is fast, and it is relatable.

3. Distribution Platforms: Earlier one would think of video and the unanimous synonym that would come up would be YouTube. This trend is soon changing and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter now equally support digital video. These sites will give preference to videos that are hosted on their own platforms as compared to those that redirect traffic to other sources. Slideshare is predicted to take over as the new YouTube for the business world. It has expanded its focus from presentations to videos. Earlier video capabilities were available only to LinkedIn influencers. In 2015, based on the growing popularity of rich media, Slideshare plans to make the video feature available to all users.

Whatever be the product or service, digital marketing has now proved itself as one of the de-facto methods for spreading the word. For the best of rich media online productions, do get in touch with our experts today!


Posted by Kirien on January 29th, 2015

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