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Best Content Marketing Platforms for UK Audiences

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UK audiences have their own preferences when it comes to Social Media following. Knowing the key patterns of consumers helps content marketing agencies build the right strategy for the right target community.

Here are some interesting statistics on the trends in UK digital marketing best practices:

– 20% of all of UK’s Content Marketing Budgets is focused on Content

– Annual UK Owned Media is Worth Over 4 Billion Pounds

– As many as 70% of UK’s Marketing Agencies use Content Marketing

– Budgets for Owned Media initiatives are up by 25%

 When it comes to the effective use of social media platforms, this is what UK respondents had to say:

– Twitter is Most Popular:

– Percentage of UK marketers that use Twitter for content distribution: 89

– Percentage of Marketers that believe Twitter is a successful platform: 75

– UK Marketers are getting better results with Twitter as compared to North American (54% )and Australian (53%) counterparts

–  LinkedIn is Next:

– Percentage of UK marketers that find LinkedIn as an efficient platform: 65

– LinkedIn has a higher level of consumer trust (69%) as compared to other platforms

– UK users spend an average of 30 minutes on LinkedIn everyday

Some other national trends that stand out in the current content marketing scenario are as follows:

Bravo to Billboards:
UK is also a nation that has a strong connection to Outdoor Media. Innovations in real time digital technology are all set to revolutionize outdoor advertising. London City has the largest number of billboards that have traditionally been used for political propagations. Continuing with the trend, the 2015 general election will have the UK population witness a new modern advertising spectacle on the indigenous billboards.

Online Shopping:
UK consumers have started to experience online shopping as less stressful when compared to in-store shopping. Most consumers have also started realizing the value of online discounts. For example, there is an openness being observed in buying Christmas Gifts post Christmas in order to avail better online deals. E-shopping consumer trends reveal that:

– 28% of the population prefer online sites in order to avoid spending time in crowded checkout queues

– Most popular platforms for research on online purchase are:

  •     – Amazon: 61%
  •     – Google: 50%
  •     – eBay: 38%
  •     – Pinterest: 7%


Knowing the places that your customer most visits is a great boon for designing the best promotions for them. For a customized content marketing strategy, get in touch with our professional consultants at Creative Ideaz today.


Posted by Kirien on March 2nd, 2015

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