Kirien Sangha, Social Media

The first time that a social media campaign is created, there is loads of excitement, fun and the feeling of having discovered a gold mine free of cost! As time goes by, reality sets in and the importance of planning and evaluating your social activities comes into play. Yes, all of us know the key to a great social campaign – be responsive, interactive and engage your customers well. And what happens when you stop being responsive? Here are some statistics on how social media can create heaven or hell for you depending on how careful or careless you are in your attitude towards it. CUSTOMER SERVICE:

  7 out of 8 social messages do not get answered within a period of 72 hours   Customer service teams respond to 1 in 8 emails immediately   88% of genuine customer calls go unanswered

If this sounds like something that could happen (or is happening) in your organization then be prepared to pull your socks up. FIRST THINGS FIRST – INVEST IN YOUR TEAM The solution to avoiding delays in responses? Invest before you dive in. Have a team ready, have the right tools ready so that you can tackle real time situations in the best of ways. Integrating social media solutions with customer service tools such as UserVoice and Zendesk ensures that you are on top of the game at all times and are really tuned in with your customers. HANDLING COMPLAINTS: Consider this situation –  A photographer once put up a picture of Barbara Streisand’s lavish mansion in Malibu on a social network. This didn’t go well with the celebrity singer who reacted in an aggressive manner and did all that could be done to suppress the publicity of the pictures. What followed is now famously known as the Streisand Effect. The very pictures that were being suppressed were distributed even more and landed up on websites, coffee mugs and even T-shirts. The lesson – negligence or defence to public criticism or expression can put you on a back foot forever. The solution – Get a PR team ready upfront and be prepared to deal with any kind of feedback from customers. Being polite and responsive will win you the battle even before it starts. For the best of solutions on engaging with your customers through social media, get in touch with the experts at Creative Ideaz today. References: Forbes, Sprout Social