Social Media

Bill Gates once said, “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” For those who are confident of having mastered the foundation of online marketing, it’s time to take the next step towards automation. Automation techniques have known to bring about as much as 50% increase in productivity, saving you precious time and resources for the more creative fun parts at work. In addition to enhancing efficiency, the advantage of creating real time content is a key feature that is greatly valued by content marketers today. Here is an interesting tool that can serve as a useful aid for those who are ready to jump on the automation band wagon. If This Then That (IFTTT) is a fantastic platform for social media integration that allows you to connect multiple applications seamlessly. All you need to do is enlist all the applications you are interested in automating along with the recipe for what you would like the tool to do for you. Once that is done, Voila! You can sit back and relax and keep your focus on generating more innovative and relevant content. A few examples on the automation possibilities with IFTTT are:

Live Tweeting: How easy life would be if you could tweet interesting articles immediately as soon as they are released. With IFTTT, you could create a recipe that looks out for content with certain phrase or tag that you are interested in from sources that you identify. Once a match is found, the article can directly be tweeted from your twitter account without any manual intervention. If you would like to review or comment on the article before publishing it then the content can be saved in a buffer for you to take appropriate action when ready.

Image Collecting: If you are particular on combining great visuals with your content, a lot of time that you spend looking for and organizing images can be saved by creating a simple recipe on IFTTT. For example, your recipe could be for selecting images with a certain hashtag and copying them into a predefined Dropbox folder. When you start writing for a certain topic, you will have a ready to use image collection to go along with the content.

• Real Time Alerts: A fashion house once wanted to publish content based on the weather forecast in their target regions. A great way for automating their work was to create an email or SMS alert for a given weather condition. For example, if you get an alert saying that it is going to rain tomorrow in London, you could create content relevant to the news giving additional value to your customers.

Think about it. If you do fall in the category of businesses that are looking to magnify operational efficiencies, then Creative Ideaz can help open up a whole new world of productive possibilities. References: Content Marketing Institute