What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the process of maximising your websites visibility in the results pages of Search Engines such as Google to get the best possible results based on the keywords the user has entered.

Sound complicated? Not for us. Here at Creative Ideaz we are SEO experts and we use our experience to ensure you get the best possible visibility for your website, and in turn, maximise the amount of visitors that come to your website for your products and services.

Why do l need to use SEO?

SEO is based on the "organic" search results, as opposed to Paid Results - which means that the results are based on the keywords the user has entered, and so it attracts the right users to your website.

When SEO is done right, your website will see a higher ranking in search engine results pages, and so your customers will have a perception of trust and credibility for your website, with implied industry authority - And therefore, a much greater chance of the users clicking through to visit your website.

Get started today

how we do it

Website Analysis

Our search engine optimisation consultants conduct thorough website analysis and get to know where your business sits alongside competitors

Keyword Selection

Our SEO company settles on the keywords that will be most beneficial for your business

On Page Optimisation

We focus on building high-quality links in order to boost organic search engine optimisation and get your business noticed whether that is for SEO services in the UK or abroad

Off Page Optimisation

We generate top quality content which also helps to generate links across various online channels

First Page Ranking

When our SEO campaign has worked it's magic, your fully optimised website will now be showing on the first page of the search engines for your chosen keywords.


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